The Rockstar Reunion by Med Ness

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By Lorena Alverez Gomez on Behance.

Strawberry Fields Forever by Joey Chou


"Rishikesh George" by Felt Mistress

Here’s the reason I’ve been drawing the Beatles in my sketchbook so much over the last few weeks. We were delighted to be asked to contribute to the Gallery Nucleus “All Together Now - Tribute to the Beatles" show. I’m a massive Beatles fan. Apart from the music, Klaus Voorman’s cover to "Revolver" and Heinz Edelmann and the entire look of the "Yellow Submarine" are big influences on how I draw. We went through a lot of ideas before we eventually settled on making George Harrison (George is my favourite Beatle to draw). Above is a series of sketches I made and Louise's final sitar-playing George in all his 3D glory. As you can see Louise has worked wonders. Possibly her best piece yet? Just look at that sitar! George can be viewed in the felt and is available to buy at Gallery Nucleus from July 7th. Here’s hoping someone commissions us to make the other three!


The Fab Four

‘Shoeless Bros' - a new print by Scott Campbell

I love all the Beatles references in The Darjeeling Limited so I decided to draw a bit of a mash up of the two combined.


The Beatles through the years, part 2.

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Fun Graphic Posters Featuring The Titles & Lyrics Of Popular Rock Songs byt Designer and teacher Rafael Hoffmann Maurilio


Pop culture inspired portraits by Rich Pellegrino.

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The King Of Ponytails